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Announcing AthensMC "All The Mods"!
Modded Minecraft • Posted by ElynnTsu
Yo yo yo guys!Have you been thinking to yourself, "Hey self, lately I've felt like playing modded but those DWEEBS at Athens don't have a new modded server rolling I can get excited about?"HAVE I G...

General • Posted by PhyloGenesis
Surprised this is still up! Now I'm curious if the server is running. o.OHey King!

RRR Path
General • Posted by PhyloGenesis
What mod in RRR enables you to generate ores and other basic resources or at least mine them en masse?That is, is there an expected early mod path/order?

Site Feedback • Posted by ubaTaeCJ

General • Posted by Kaptoye
Hello there!

Hello and welcome to the forums! [Soft-launch]
General • Posted by HeyAndrea
If you've found the forums, congrats!We've decided to soft-launch them to give us a chance to try them out and give it a shot. Because I created these custom, there are bound to be bugs, please let...

Nether Portal Bug!
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
Beware of nether portals!  I left the nether through a portal I had previously left through but was suffocated in a wall I couldn't break until I died and no gravestone appeared so I lost everythin...

New forums? No kidding...
Site Feedback • Posted by ElynnTsu
So this is a thing now? :)Seriously though - congratulations King!

RRR Flux Tinkers Items
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
There seems to be a bug with adding a flux capacitor to Tinkers Construct tools.  My client crashes every time I place the item into the tool forge.  Is there a way around it?  Do any of you have t...

RRR Meteorite Compass
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
The meteorite compass doesn't seem to work.  It keeps pointing to places where there are clearly no meteors.  I searched like 10K blocks in range and didn't find any (except one's near spawn that h...

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