Athens Eternal Forever

Athens Eternal Forever

AthensMC is currently hosting a snapshot survival server on the latest Minecraft vanilla snapshot.

Because of the nature of snapshots, we cannot gurantee that the server will be bug-free. So if you're interested in checking out the latest snapshots but not too worried about your builds this server is for you!

Things to Know

Server IP:

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If you're not currently whitelisted, you can go to the whitelist request page. But you'll need an AthensMC account first if you haven't got one!
We do have an option for supporters to assist with server costs, which is available here. All money used for subscribers is used for this purpose, and there are no in-game perks associated. You do not need to pay to be whitelisted however, and paid members are subject to the same rules as our regular members. Supporters will receive access to supporter-only events about every month, including UHC games, CTM maps, etc.