Welcome to AthensMC! At this time, access to the servers is available by filling out our application on the forums. However, running a server (or servers) costs money. If you would like to help us keep the servers open so everyone can enjoy access, then we have three subscription levels you can use.

Subscription Levels and Benefits

We currently offer three subscription levels - Silver for $6 per month, Gold for $12 per month, and Platinum for $18 per month. In addition, we plan on having monthly 'supporter only' events such as UHC tournaments, group CTM maps, and so forth where you can hang out with us, play and chat. As previously stated above, we do not want to mislead you - you do NOT need to subscribe to play, nor will you get in-game benefits when logging on to our Minecraft servers.

Important Notes

By contributing to AthensMC you understand and agree to the following:

  • Supporters are NOT exempt from the rules, nor from being banned from the servers for breaking the rules. If you are banned your subscription will of course be ended, but no money paid to that point will be refunded or pro-rated.
  • There will be no refunds, as all payments go directly to server costs/enhancements.
  • There are no guarantees of service, uptime, etc.
Payment Types
Minecraft Username:
Email Address:


Ready to cancel your subscription? No problem! Thanks for supporting us! :)