Rockets Rifles Robots

Do you dream of piloting a spaceship across the stars? Of building a super scientist’s lab and delving into technical mysteries and designing fantastic machines? Do you hope to have an army of robot minions, waiting to carry out your nefarious schemes?

Or do you just want a bunch of guns to shoot zombie hordes with?

If any of those things sound like fun, then Rockets, Rifles and Robots is the pack for you. This pack has a technical/industrial focus and all kinds of mods - old friends with exciting updated features, and new favorites! Join us and explore everything our signature mod pack has to offer.


Rockets, Rifles and Robots is our signature Athens modded Minecraft pack, designed by our staff and hosted via the Technic launcher, using Solder for ease of maintenance. In order to connect to our server, you will need to begin by downloading the Technic launcher at:

You can download the Technic Launcher from this link.

Once you have the Technic launcher installed, you will “+ Add New Pack” on the left side of the interface and when prompted, paste in the link below:

Or search in the top left "Rockets Rifles Robots" and click the "Install" button on their new launcher

Next check “Always use recommended builds.” This will keep your version of the pack in sync with whatever updates and changes are made. A full mod list and updates can be found here:

Things to Know

Server IP:

Forums | Technic Launcher


If you're not currently whitelisted, you can go to the whitelist request page. But you'll need an AthensMC account first if you haven't got one!
We do have an option for supporters to assist with server costs, which is available here. All money used for subscribers is used for this purpose, and there are no in-game perks associated. You do not need to pay to be whitelisted however, and paid members are subject to the same rules as our regular members. Supporters will receive access to supporter-only events about every month, including UHC games, CTM maps, etc.
At this time, we’re not looking to add additional mods to this pack. We do offer other packs for shorter time periods on a regular basis, so let us know what your interests are and we may use those ideas for one of our “temporary” mod packs! And as is the case with every mod pack, sooner or later everyone gets a hankering for the “new shinies”. When that happens we’ll most likely launch a new version of this pack, and start the process over again. But not enough until Elynn gets caught up on her sleep ;)
Mod List:
We have way too many awesome ones to list!