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PhyloGenesis commented on : Member
The meteorite compass doesn't seem to work.  It keeps pointing to places where there are clearly no meteors.  I searched like 10K blocks in range and didn't find any (except one's near spawn that had been found).  I don't mind if I have to keep going but I assume you don't want me to generate THAT much terrain.  Is there a way I can find the meteors and the sky chests?
HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member
If I'm not mistaken, the compass will point to the nearest ones and to get it to change to where it needs to be the meteor needs to be completely removed. 

Hmm, hard drive is probably OK to keep going (exploring). We've been holding off on the thought of resetting that server anyways for a few months because of the impending Snapshot Server we are launching. 

PhyloGenesis commented on : Member
Wait, you are REPLACING RRR?? I heard about snapshot but figured it would be beside it. :(

Please at the least give me a copy of the file.

Yeah that's how the compasses work, but it's not old spots, they are very definitely pointing to totally fresh generated terrain with no sign of asteroid impact at all.  You just have to get out of range of the original and they point to a new spot. The problem is those spots aren't meteors.

HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member
You sure the meteors aren't underground? They can spawn at various heights and don't always leave ground damage IIRC

Also to clarify, no we're not replacing it. We had talked about replacing the map because there hadn't been much activity previous to you guys joining. (And with modded servers maps in general start to get laggy after a bunch of people play on them. 

If we ever do reset the map we'll provide a download of course :)
PhyloGenesis commented on : Member
No I'm not. I did dig a hole to bedrock on one of them, but only one. I figured that meant they only appear on the surface.

> Also to clarify, no we're not replacing it.
Thank you!

As for lagginess, yeah for sure and no kidding. I had to turn off my Agricraft farms except when I'm using them because they alone are enough to lag my area. o.O  I was so annoyed that you guys disabled all the ways to speed up their growth, but now I think I get it. :)

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