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If you've found the forums, congrats!

We've decided to soft-launch them to give us a chance to try them out and give it a shot. 

Because I created these custom, there are bound to be bugs, please let me know what goes wrong for you so I can fix them.

Thanks for flying AthensMC :D
- King

Edit: October 25th 2016 - Continuing to make improvements to the Forums :)
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HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member

I just rolled out an update to the site, pointing the forums link to the new forums. Also added notifications ;) 

So basically, if you're whitelisted on the servers already you have a forum account for these new forums. Check your emails for a email from [AthensMC], whereever you got the whitelist approved email is what email you registered on the site for. 
HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member
For the record, you can find the links to the Old Forums under your Minecraft Avatar's head. Along with links to the Rules and Information pages. 
HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member
Just updated the forums with categories now! :) So if you have any suggestions for more categories let me know!
HeyAndrea commented on : Admin Member
Continuing to update the forums/site <3

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