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Nether Portal Bug!
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
Beware of nether portals!  I left the nether through a portal I had previously left through but was suffocated in a wall I couldn't break until I died and no gravestone appeared so I lost everythin...

RRR Flux Tinkers Items
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
There seems to be a bug with adding a flux capacitor to Tinkers Construct tools.  My client crashes every time I place the item into the tool forge.  Is there a way around it?  Do any of you have t...

RRR Meteorite Compass
Modded Minecraft • Posted by PhyloGenesis
The meteorite compass doesn't seem to work.  It keeps pointing to places where there are clearly no meteors.  I searched like 10K blocks in range and didn't find any (except one's near spawn that h...

Announcing AthensMC "All The Mods"!
Modded Minecraft • Posted by ElynnTsu
Yo yo yo guys!Have you been thinking to yourself, "Hey self, lately I've felt like playing modded but those DWEEBS at Athens don't have a new modded server rolling I can get excited about?"HAVE I G...

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